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Annual Maintenance Contract

Through an Annual Maintenance Contract, remove the stress of addressing persistent or potential machine performance problem with regular checks and repairs from expert technicians

Instead of responding to the problem after it has occurred, customers are suggested to opt for an annual maintenance contract with Micromatic. With this, customers will have the benefit of a routine maintenance programme, which includes access to emergency breakdowns and repairs. 



  • Better Total ownership cost and ROI

  • Better longevity

  • Dedicated service

  • Emergency service

  • Expert technicians

  • Reliable advice

Services offered

  • Scheduling and planning preventive maintenance activity

  • Pre-defined health check ups as checklist

  • Ensuring regular lubrications

  • Maintaining records & analysis

  • Basic training for the maintenance staff

  • Planning inventory of spares parts & replacements to save downtime

  • Checking & replacement of protective, wear & tear items

  • Recommended to safeguard machine

Types of AMC contracts 

Comprehensive AMC Contracts

  • Platinum

  • Diamond

  • Gold

  • Silver



  • CNC package

  • Machine calibration

  • Other subsystems

  • Customer training


Non comprehensive AMC contract

  • Emerald 2

  • Emerald 3

  • Emerald 4

  • Ruby

  • Pearl

  • Pearl Mini

  • PMC

  • Machine health checks

Pragati Products

  • ATC

  • Turret

  • Index table

  • Chucking Cylinder

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