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Micromatic 360 Value

Make the most from your machine even at the end of its life cycle. Increase the value of your used machines with our services that ensure it brings you Ace returns even when it leaves your shop floor. 


After your purchase, you and your machine tool embark on a life-long journey. But this does not end once your use for it ceases. Your machine can bring you returns even after its time thanks to the Ace Value option from Micromatic. Through this, we give you a multitude of options to make the best of what you have. Not only do we buy back your machine we have worked to become an avenue for complete support towards your production needs through alternative solutions.


  • Reliable processing

  • Quick and market-based valuation with a binding quotation

  • Trade in your used machine as a down payment on a new machine

  • Professional disassembly of your used machine by our service team

  • Organised shiffing

  • Quibble-free settlement and rapid payment

Services offered

  • Buy back

  • Sell and "lease-cum-sale“ used machines

  • Reconditioning

  • Rent out machines

  • Finance for refurbished machines

  • Retro fitment

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