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A whole new level in machine tools servicing.

A whole new level in machine tools servicing.

AceMicromatic Group is a comprehensive machine tools solution provider offering a range of turning centres, milling machines, grinding machines along with 150+ other solutions in the metal forming world.

When Micromatic Machine tools(MMT) was started in 1987, the aim was to centralise the marketing and service needs of the group, but with growing sales was a need for a systematic approach to post-sales services.

At AceMicromatic group, customers are the central element upon which all solutions and services are provided. Over the years, Micromatic has set a certain bar in the servicing of machines tools. A dedicated department was established to ensure that the customer’s needs concerning their machines are always met. With the best in class MTTR(Mean Time To Respond) of less than 4 hours, taking things a step ahead of the standard was the next move for Micromatic.

At Micromatic, we believe that our relationship with the customers doesn’t end after a sale is made, rather, we embark on an exciting journey with the customer and their AMG machine. The post-sale services department at Micromatic started with the intention of hand-holding our customers throughout the life-cycle of the machine. What first began as only answering to the demands of a customer has now evolved into empowering customers with a complete package of solutions catered to needs that were unknown to them. Being a step ahead of our customers not only helps us provide top class solutions but helps elevates their performance as well.

Machine tool customers are inundated with the pressure of meeting production demands added to this the complexities of machine upkeep, running a shop floor or factory can become messy. With our expertise of over three decades, this problem can not only be solved but avoided to the maximum extent.

Due to the unique needs of different assets, we believe service must be altered accordingly. Beginning with general servicing, maintenance, upgrades and spares, we have evolved to then offer calibration services, automation, reconditioning and retro fitment making up a system that offers total servicing right from the moment a machine is commissioned till the closure of its life-cycle.

With a goal to become a comprehensive post-sales service provider, we have now risen one step further by embarking on an exciting new chapter that aims to provide 360-degree coverage to machine life cycle needs.

Watch this space to learn more about the exciting new journey that we are about to take.

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