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Unmatched services - The advantage of comprehensive post -sale services

Finding complete, comprehensive post-sale service is a much-needed relief for shop owners as there is a lot that needs to be done to maintain levels of productivity up to par.

Life cycle services to meet your productivity, quality & delivery at a competitive cost- through automation, upgrades, maintaining accuracies, safety & environmental compliances requirements.

At Micromatic we have identified areas where we can add value, simplify processes, and increase your confidence towards achieving your production goals with your machinery.

Our after-sale services at Micromatic is provided by a skilled team of employees. Helpdesk services, mechanical workshop, spare parts and technical information, local on-site services including maintenance, installation, training and commissioning of new equipment. by the qualified service technicians, who are supported by our global partners, are all part of our portfolio.


Machine Uptime to ensure higher productivity, quality, on-time deliveries, better profits

Assured machine functionality & Accuracy

Enhanced machine life and re-sale value

Maintenance cost saving through preventive checks, in time replacement of parts and Manpower

Inventory control on spare parts, measuring and test equipment

Here are some carefully curated service offering to maintain high uptime of your machines:


Through an Annual Maintenance Contract, you can remove the stress of addressing machine issues that occur all of sudden. We understand how important it is to keep your machines running. In a cutthroat industry, every minute matters.

Activities conducted as part of AMC

  • Planning and scheduling preventive maintenance activity

  • Pre-defined health check-ups

  • Ensuring regular lubrication

  • Maintaining records & analysis

  • Basic training for the maintenance staff

  • Planning inventory of spares parts

  • Checking & replacement of protective, wear & tear items


  • Global logistics network for all non-domestic markets

  • Over € 200 million of items in stock for a spare parts

  • Availability rate of over 95%

  • More than 275,000 different items in stock

  • Original spare parts straight from the manufacturer

  • Many spare parts also available for older manufacturing series up to 1970

  • Order via the 24/7 Service Hotline


We can fully restore your machine’s performance. Additionally, options are available that can perfectly adapt your machine to suit your current requirements.

  • Many types of machines at a fixed price (including evaluation on-site)

  • Machine reconditioning either on-site or at our factory

  • Restoration of productivity, production safety and precision of your machine

  • Retained value and increased performance

  • Reconditioning is carried out by experienced experts with exclusive manufacturer expertise

  • Use of original spare parts with maximum availability Highest quality as a result of extensive output testing

  • Guarantee on the entire scope of service

Machine Upgrades

As part of the continual improvement program to enhance the machine reliability on subsystem levels, We have capabilities for a considerable up-gradation of your high-value machine for maximum productivity.

  • New technology-latest design

  • Reduction in downtime – repeats failure / faster spares support.

  • Reduction in repair cost

  • Easy to maintain

  • Reduced inventory etc

  • Measuring & testing


Automation will become inevitable soon. When achieving higher efficiency is a priority for your production needs automation is the solution.

Without Automation

  • Increased labour fatigue.

  • Extra machines to meet production needs.

  • Higher cycle time due to manual loading and unloading of the component

With Automation

  • Enables Complete Machining in a single setup

  • Cost-saving – Cycle time

  • Cost-saving – Component rejection

Machine Calibration

A routine schedule of calibration will help to maintain the consistent quality performance of machines.

The ability of a machine tool to perform at its optimum is largely based on Geometric and positioning accuracy.


That extra mile is what makes the difference.

With our value-added services, get the support that matters to help your machines production faster.

Our goal with these services is to offer that leg up that matters to your production goals.


  • Pre-installation Support

  • Machine Shifting and Installation

  • Machine painting

  • Consumable support and Handling

  • Maintenance of data analysis and recommendation

Ace Value

Your used machines deserve the best value.

Introducing “ACE value” from Micromatic Machine Tools. Increase the value of your used machines with our services that ensure your machine brings you Ace returns even when it leaves your shop floor. With services like

  • Machine buyback

  • Refurbished machine sales and

  • Refurbished machine renting and leasing

  • Financing

Choose Micromatic 360 to ensure your machines perform consistently throughout its lifecycle.

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