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Upgrading ROI through CNC machine upgrades

High prices for new large and medium size CNC machines make it difficult for end user to reap the benefits of CNC technology. One of the solutions can be through upgrades.

The method involves addition of new systems or features to enhance the capability of an existing machine tool. The purpose of upgrades and retrofitment are to bring older or existing models up to ideal production goals.


A shop floor consists of heavily-invested in machine tools, sometimes large in number which cannot be discarded once productions goals are not matched.

Upgradation includes replacement or repair defective parts to bring back original accuracy. This leads to lower downtime, higher machine accuracy, which in can increase machine availability by more than 15%.

By introducing upgrades like servo drives, hydraulically operated tall stock, automatic tool turret selection of tool, modified numeric CNC controller the speed and feed are performed automatically according to instruction given in program.with these upgrades, there is significant increase in cycle-time. Additionally, worker-fatigue will be reduced which increases efficiency of processes.

The results obtained have proved that retrofitting is very cost effective method for enhancing productivity, availability and improving performance level. With suitable and economical application of automation, value addition takes place and takes performance of retrofitted machine becomes further better.

In the case of customized retrofit, here maximum re-use of existing equipment is done and is therefore comparatively more cost effective than a brand new installation. Since retrofitment can be done in segments, service disruption can be reduced.

Upgrades to power systems with the latest available breaker and control technology, accelerating functionality along with reliability and safety.

Ultimately, upgrades and retrofitment result in better return on investment through economical options that get better results from existing machines.

All AceMicromatic machines are available with a host of options and accessories to cater to various needs of the customers. Often times, additional options or features may not be relevant for all the customer at the time of purchase of machines but become needed at a later point in the machine’s life-cycle.

With this offering, we help customers upgrade and/or incorporate additional features to their machines at any point of its life-cycle, this can be a very economical option to customers who can simply upgrade their machine to suit their requirement rather than invest in new machinery. This can also help extent the life of the machine.

Upgrades offered

  • CNC Control system

  • Sub system

  • Accessories & additional feature such as

  • Optional feature

  • CNC Accessories

Retro fitment

Equipped with the right Skill set and capability we offer our customers an option to retrofit enhancements to their existing or new machinery to improve its capability, efficiency, out put and overall value to customers.

Retro fitment options as listed below

  • PLC’s controls for conventional logic controls

  • Electrical cabinets

  • CNC Accessories such as Turret, ATC’s, Power cables, Cylinders, Index tables, Rotary table etc.

  • Auto doors, part catcher, Light curtain etc.


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