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Reconditioning & Retro-fitment 

We can fully restore your machine’s performance. Additionally, options are available that can perfectly adapt your machine to suit your current requirements.


Wear and tear due to age, accidents and breakdowns of machine tools are common occurrences at a manufacturing unit like a shop floor. This increases maintenance cost and affects production causing a huge dent in finances. Keeping the current production volumes in mind, buying a new machine is a serious investment that requires a lot of recovery time.


But there is another option that takes all these concerns and solves them at a lower price:



Machines are high investments. So letting them sit idle on your shop floor is a waste of your investment and eats at your productivity. Reconditioning is a good option to have a machine contribute to your production goals without having to invest heavily on a new machine.

Reconditioning is generally described as the process of restoring the machine tool to factory condition as per scope.

Reconditioning processes usually encompass thorough check, change of worn parts, cleaning, re-erection, re-commissioning, recalibration, and if needed, repainting of the machine as per scope.

Depending on the requirements concluded based on a detailed check on the current condition of the machine, the necessary repairs and replacements will be done to bring the machine back to production capacity.



  • Repeatability. • Reduced machine downtime.

  • Productivity. • Enhance up time.

  • Cycles time. • Feed-rate.

  • Accuracy and part finished


Services offered

  • PLC’s controls for conventional logic controls

  • Electrical cabinets

  • CNC Accessories such as Turret, ATC’s, Power cables, Cylinders, Index tables, Rotary table etc.

  • Auto doors, part catcher, Light curtain etc.

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